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An Easy Dinner Recipe Full of Health!

Quick and Easy Salmon

While this may not be a recipe of my own creation, it is a favorite meal of mine that includes a few common grocery store items and can be put together with very little effort. We hear from our patients that chronic pain interferes with the ability to stand at the counter or stove for complicated meal preparation. The good news is that eating healthy CAN be easy.

No anti-inflammatory blog would be complete without at least one salmon recipe. Wild caught salmon is the first food that comes to mind when we think about healthy fats (which are known to reduce inflammation). Salmon is also high in protein, vitamins B12, B3, and B6, selenium, iodine, and choline (all essential vitamins and minerals). I do think that it’s important to look for salmon that is wild caught to ensure that the fish has been raised in an environment that maximizes the health benefits. Don’t be afraid of frozen seafood. Often, fish is flash frozen the day it’s caught so it’s much closer to fresh than any fish that has traveled a distance being exposed to oxygen for several days. My favorite salmon for this recipe comes from Costco, but any salmon (or other fish) will work.

I like to pair this salmon with potatoes from The Little Potato Company. These potatoes are perfect for a quick dinner. They cook in five minutes in the microwave. They come with a seasoning pouch and do not require any added oil. In addition to being the perfect texture, these potatoes round out the meal with easily digested carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. I talk a lot about keeping carbohydrates low in an anti-inflammatory diet. These potatoes are small so it’s easy to measure and they provide beneficial micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

This meal gives us protein, healthy fats, easily digested carbohydrates, and all of the micronutrients we need to lower inflammation and feel satisfied on fewer calories. This is a great example of nutrient dense food.

To prepare, I place a frozen salmon filet on a baking sheet and cook at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. After cooking, I remove the skin but that it’s optional. With 5 minutes left on the salmon timer, I place the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes. While the salmon rests I pour seasoning pack onto the potatoes and serve. For even more flavor and probiotics, try adding my Tzatziki sauce (see the yogurt blog) on the side.

For an added bonus, you can add some leafy greens or some microwave steamed broccoli to easily add in the green portion of your meal!

I hope you all try this dish (or some variation of it). Using pre-marinated meats and microwave ready vegetables can save time and effort. Just be sure to look at the labels so you can avoid high amounts of sugar or ingredients that you know are bothersome, and measure your portions to avoid overeating.

Yours in Good Health,

Nick Doleys

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