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Understanding and Managing Chronic Pain: 

A Guide for Patients and Clinicians

Daniel M. Doleys

Release Date July 2014


Tens of millions of adults suffer from chronic pain. Many feel overwhelmed by depression and consumed by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. The entire family can be affected. Most modern day treatments offer only limited relief and can be associated with harmful side effects. There appears to be a need to broaden our view of chronic pain. Chronic pain is most often interpreted as a symptom. This book furthers the notion of chronic pain as a disease process, not unlike diabetes.The factors that contribute to the development of chronic pain and numerous.These factors are outline and discussed in detail. Topics such as the role of grief, acceptance, finding a new normal, and how patients can participate in their own care are reviewed. Many of the treatments currently available are summarized along with their relative advantages and disadvantages. The importance of an integrated and comprehensive approach is emphasized. The clinician-patient relationship is shown to be an important ingredient to treatment success.

Books by Daniel Doleys, PhD

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Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham
Pain: Dynamics and Complexities

Daniel M. Doleys

Released March 2014

As renowned pain clinician and scientist Daniel M. Doleys argues, there may be a need for a fundamental shift in the way we view pain. In this thoughtful work, Doleys presents the evolving concept and complex nature of pain with the intention of promoting a broadening of the existing paradigm within which pain is viewed and understood. Combining neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy of science, this book reviews the history of pain and outlines the current concepts and theories regarding the mechanisms involved in the experience of pain. Experimental and clinical research in a broad array of areas including neonatal pain, empathy and pain, psychogenic pain, and genetics and pain is summarized. The notion of pain as a disease process rather than a symptom is highlighted. The area of pain research and treatment seems on the precipice of change. This work intends to provide a glimpse of what these changes might be in the context of where pain research and therapy has come from, where it currently is, and where it might be headed.

Free Downloads

Tips on How to Store and Dispose of your Prescription Medicine
A sample Medicine Inventory Sheet:Bring a full list of medications (prescription, over-the-counter and supplements) with you to each doctor visit.
Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

This "Thought Record" helps you keep a diary of any unrealistic thoughts (see Depression Video for details).  Your therapist can help you recognize patterns and areas for intervention.

Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham
You can use this Sleep Diary from the National Sleep Foundation to keep track of your sleep habits and communicate easier with your doctors.

Here's a basic caffeine content chart for common foods and drinks.


Click here for a comprehensive list - and watch out for those energy drinks!

This is a guide to some worry control techniques, especially to help reduce the worry that keeps people up at bedtime.

Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

This list summarizes some of the most common pain-related thought distortions -- you may find some that "hit home".

Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

Challenge yourself with these questions to break your negative thinking habits.



Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

An excellent guide to relaxation techniques & other helpful skills.  Authors:  Martha Davis, PhD, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, MSW, & Matthew McKay, PhD

Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

A well-done pain self-management workbook.  Author:  Margaret Caudill, MD, PhD

Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

This is a wonderful brochure for caregivers produced by Partners Against Pain (Purdue Pharma, LP).

Doleys Clinic - Pain Clinic Birmingham

This popular workbook shows readers how to improve their lives using cognitive therapy through step-by-step worksheets. The book is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with professional treatment.

Web Links

List of National and Local Resources
This list includes organizations that focus on pain research and treatment across the U.S. and those that provide valuable consumer advice and information. Get connected, seek support, and know that you are not alone in your search for relief and a better quality of life.

American Chronic Pain Association


The ACPA is an organization with dual missions:  To facilitate peer support and education for individuals with chronic pain and their families, and to raise awareness among the health care community, policy makers, and the public at large about issues of living wtih chronic pain.  The organization produces some excellent video and brochure information resources for patients, families, and health care providers.  The website is easy to navigate and includes a list of chronic pain internet links that can be quite helpful.

National and Regional Pain Societies

Southern Pain Society

American Academy of Pain Medicine

Grief Support Groups in Birmingham, AL


Community Grief Support


The Amelia Center

Pain Action


Requires a free registration, but it's worth it!  Excellent self-management strategies for pain control.

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