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Medication Management 

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We are happy to offer our multidisciplinary services to manage patients on an effective, conservative analgesic medication regimen. We can also assist primary care and specialist physicians or nurse practitioners with management of their own patients on controlled substances.

1. We conduct a thorough psychological evaluation with testing to:

  • Assist with opioid risk stratification

  • Identify untreated mood or other psychological issues that may impact the pain experience

  • Assess how pain, in turn, impacts multiple areas of the patient's life

  • Generate a comprehensive mind-body treatment plan

  • Review terms of the medical clinic agreement and create realistic patient expectations.

2. We monitor patients with a routine and periodic urine drug testing monitoring program, with frequency based on level of risk. We also review Alabama pharmacy reports and conduct pill counts as needed in an effort to promote patient, family, and community safety.

3. We follow the patient on a periodic basis for reassessment of risk, to monitor compliance, to document opioid therapy outcomes (e.g. analgesia/pain relief, activity/function/quality of life, affect and mood, aberrant drug behaviors, and adverse events) and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

4. We teach self-management skills in our Pain Cornerstones Class to complement medical therapies and teach patients how to make their medication regimen work with their lifestyles.

5. We are comfortable developing treatment plans for difficult-to-manage patients, with options such as closer monitoring schedules, non-oral opioid preparations, or even with use of a timed and locked medication dispenser filled here by our staff.

We have over 37 years of experience in the pain management field and a clinical staff that stays up to date on state/federal regulations, standards of care, and evidence-based approaches to pain management. We will gladly accept physician referrals to assume full care, or remain available to help local physicians with their challenging or medically-complex patients in a collaborative approach.

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