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We're Taking Our Pain Cornerstones Class "On the Road"!

As you may know, we've been offering our half-day Pain Cornerstones self-management course since September 2015, our latest incarnation of our long-standing pain education requirement for our patients. It's been quite a success and we love providing this opportunity. In this Friday course, we review: pain pathways and brain processing, safe use of opioid therapy, creation of a comprehensive pain management "toolbox" to gain control over discomfort, ways to improve depression/anxiety/pain-related grief/anger through cognitive-behavioral therapy, sleep tips, anti-inflammatory diet guidance, and reasonable exercise options. Patients are able to get support from other patients to know they are not alone, and family members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Read what just some of our attendees and their family members have said about our course:

  • The class was awesome. Worth every penny.

  • Very educational and calming.

  • Thank you for increasing my chance of being successful at managing my pain.

  • Good info, good analogies, good presentations.

  • The sleep architecture diagram was helpful; was well-organized and used humor

  • Everyone needs this class regardless of whether they have chronic pain.

  • Very informative, enjoyable class for patient and family alike.

  • This will help me deal with my husband’s and daughter’s pain (from family member).

  • A great class and a fun teacher.

  • I would like to thank you for caring enough about us that you did class.

  • Appreciate the time you shared with the group and making it easy to have a discussion instead of being lectured to.

  • I feel more validated. I understand the grief I feel is normal and know that I can create a new self. I'm feeling less alone knowing other people are experiencing similar issues.

  • You make others feel like there is hope, light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a must!

  • Without question this was far more engaging and informative than I imagined.

  • I was dreading this (sitting and hurting), but I’m so glad I attended.

  • I dreaded this class for a month -- but it has actually taught me a lot in a humorous and interesting way.

  • Very encouraging. I wish I brought someone with me.

  • Would surely recommend this class to others.

  • Really like that I could attend so my husband and I can work as a team for each other

  • Well-organized, informative, upbeat attitude.

  • After this class, I feel hopeful that my anger and attitude with others will be much better

​We're continuing to offer our Birmingham classes twice a month, but we're "taking the show on the road." We've been asked by some physicians in North Alabama to make the class available to their local patients. So, we'll be offering the class at Decatur Morgan Hospital Parkway Campus in July, September, and November 2016.

Please view/download this flyer if you're interested in attending (or sending your patients to class). Call our number to sign up in advance. We hope to see you there!

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