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Where Pain Management

Means More Than Medicine

Pain Management in Birmingham, AL

One hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain, making it the number one cause for long-term disability in the United States. Our team of qualified health care professionals understands how chronic pain works, and we offer you many options for treating not only the sensory aspects of pain but also the emotional consequences as well. 

Our team of Pain Management specialists in Birmingham, AL are trained in physical therapy, nutritional counseling, psychotherapy, biofeedback-assisted relaxation therapy, medication management and more. We believe that pain management means more than just taking medication. We aim to see all of our patients use the broad array of therapy options and thrive with an improved quality of life. 

Counseling Services:

Chronic pain is defined as both a sensory and emotional experience. At our Birmingham location, we have psychologists who specialize in depression, stress and anxiety, anger management, grief, chronic pain acceptance, and pain coping in general. We are also proud to offer help for those who wish to quit smoking, help with weight management, and alcohol/substance abuse relapse prevention. We provide individual therapy to ensure that all of our patients are receiving care catered to their exact needs. We understand that overcoming chronic pain is difficult physically and emotionally, and our Birmingham pain clinic is here to help break the cycle of pain and negative mood.

Medical, Physical, and Nutritional Treatment:

We are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable and compassionate pain management doctors in Birmingham, AL guiding patients on medication management, Neurology services, Physical therapy, and more. Our clinic also serves as a place for education, as well a place for nutritional counseling to educate our patients on what foods to avoid to calm pain and improve energy. Did you know that what you are eating may actually be a big part of your chronic pain? One of our team members will help figure not only which foods will help manage pain, reduce total body inflammation and lose weight, but also help train your mind into having a more healthy relationship with the foods you are consuming.

Our Pain Management Birmingham AL team also conducts pre-surgical psychological screenings, operates an intrathecal pump refill clinic, and offers careful oversight of opioid- and non-opioid pain medication regimens. At the Doleys Clinic, we are here to guide you along your journey of living your best quality of life with chronic pain. 

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